1. Can I have visitors whilst staying with you?

    Leave a Comment Absolutely! We love it when our guests have friends and family nearby! Each unit (pitch/lodge) can have 4 guests maximum visit it and we ask that all visitors are registered with reception (including their car registration). All visitors must leave the holiday park by 9pm, are also bound by WRHP’s… Read more
  2. What are the pool opening times and prices?

    Comments Off on What are the pool opening times and prices? Our wonderfully warm pool opens from 9am daily – for full information please visit our Swimming pool page. If you are staying with us, your pool entry is included in your nightly price – please make sure you’ve had a look at our adult:child ratio on our pool policy if… Read more
  3. Do you have a play area on site?

    Leave a Comment At the top of our lane, just 7 minutes walk from us and only 1 minute from The Fire Engine Inn and Well Bar, is a lovely little park and football field – we do not have a play area on site.
  4. Can my children go in the pool unattended?

    Leave a Comment No, sorry. We operate a 1:2 adult:child ratio in our pool for the safety of your children. We aren’t lifeguarded and so if you child is under 16yrs old, they must be supervised. If they are over 8yrs and are competent swimmers, an adult can supervise a max. of 2… Read more
  5. Is there a bar on site?

    Leave a Comment No! We love that we are a quiet site and people are respectful of our ‘Quiet after 10pm’ rule. We sell wine, rattler, tribute (and more!) and soft drinks for really reasonable prices and we have a lovely pub less than 10 minutes walk up the road.
  6. Do I need to bring my own towels?

    Leave a Comment If you are self-catering, we provide linen for you such as showering towels and hand towels, bedding, tea towels and dishcloths. Beach towels are something you’ll need to bring though – don’t forget that even if you’re not planning a trip to one of our many beautiful local beaches, our… Read more
  7. Can I bring my dog?

    Leave a Comment If you have booked your dog in, in advance, absolutely! If you have booked accommodation or a pitch and not discussed your dog with us, it could result in you not being able to stay here, so please talk about your four-legged friend with us first! We allow a maximum… Read more
  8. How do I pronounce Marazion?

    Leave a Comment Marra-Zion! And while we’re here, Mousehole is pronounced Mao-zul, The Minack Theatre is The Min-ak! We’re always happy to help you with our awesome Cornish pronunciations.
  9. How far is it to walk into Marazion?

    Leave a Comment We have three ways of walking into Marazion from our Holiday Park. Two of these take less than 20 minutes and all have fantastic scenery and nature involved! Ask in Reception and we’ll happily direct you.
  10. What if I’m going to arrive after 6pm?

    Leave a Comment 6 nights a week, our Reception is open until 7pm. If you are going to be later than this, please let us know and we can explain our late arrivals procedure. Please be aware that we cannot accept camping (tent) arrivals past 9pm as putting up a tent (possibly in… Read more
  11. What time do I need to check out by?

    Leave a Comment If you are camping/touring, it’s 11am, if self-catering it’s 10am. You can request a late-check out (which is chargeable), but these have to be requested in advance of your departure day due to staffing and new arrivals and cannot be guaranteed! We actually have many camping/touring guests who book an… Read more
  12. What time can I arrive?

    Leave a Comment Campers/touring guests can arrive from 1pm – we like to make sure that any maintenance has been carried out before you arrive so you can enjoy your stay! We don’t have a waiting area so we suggest calling us on 01736 710605 if you think you’re going to be earlier… Read more
  13. We’re a large group booking – is that ok?

    Leave a Comment Unfortunately, we cannot accept large group bookings. We’re a quiet and sleepy holiday park and when groups of friends get to together it can often result in fun times with a lot to catch up on – with our ‘Quiet after 10pm’ policy in place, we wouldn’t like to be… Read more
  14. Do you sell food?

    Leave a Comment Do we ever!!! We sell such a small range for a small reception/shop. We have store cupboard items such as pasta, baked, beans, tuna and cereals; butters, spreads, cheeses and milk; chocolate, sweets and crisps; fresh local bakery goods such as sliced bread, cakes and scones; and even at busier… Read more
  15. Do you allow BBQs and firepits?

    Leave a Comment BBQs are one of those camping necessities! Nothing’s better than relaxing with a burger in the evening sunshine; we do stipulate though that they must be raised off the ground. We have bricks here for your use if your BBQ doesn’t have ‘legs’. Sorry, no firepits.
  16. Do you sell gas bottles?

    Comments Off on Do you sell gas bottles? Unfortunately we don’t! We can recommend places nearby that sell gas however!