A Proper-Job Cornish Cream Tea

National Cream Tea Day 2018

A Proper-Job Cornish Cream Tea

A simple way to get us all talking here on Reception, is to start talking about the good ol’ Cornish cream tea and whether it’s #JamFirst or #CreamFirst (silly question I hear you utter – I agree).

In Cornwall, we know that it makes a lot more sense to have your #JamFirst… after all, if a freshly baked scone is sitting in front of you, putting that smooth, chilled clotted cream on top is just going to turn your beautiful scone into a soggy puddle… what a waste! Generally, jam is firm to spread so it makes a lot of sense to have it at the bottom, with your clotted cream lashed on top. With a warm scone, room temperature jam and cool cream, you’re going to be in the happy zone!

Naturally, the Cream Tea Society  agrees with us, and so does the Queen! Just like lovely Queen Elizabeth, her crown sits firmly on top of her head: we believe that Cornish Clotted Cream is the jewel of the Cornish Crown, and so should also be on top – after all, you don’t wear a crown around your neck now, do you? That being said, we’ve had a lovely chap from Somerset stay with us recently who said “I don’t mind which way around it is, as long as it ends up in my belly!”

For the perfect cream tea, all you need is a fluffy fresh scone, a huge dollop of strawberry jam and a big smudge of Clotted cream across the top accompanied with a brew of your choosing – you can purchase 4 fresh scones, Cornish Clotted Cream and strawberry jam from our shop, for only £4. Ahhh… what a way to kick off your holiday.

The next National Cream Tea day is on Friday 26th June 2020 – make sure you’re celebrating it!