Cornish cottages

Cornish cottages

Self-catering accommodation can be one of those things that makes the difference between a good holiday and a great holiday – not feeling ‘holed-up’ inside one room, having your own space, a separate space from the bedroom to relax in, being able to whip up a quick spag-bol for the family, just having your own front door to feel as though you can come and go as you please and no noise coming from the neighbours stomping down the shared corridor… When you write it in a list, the ‘pros’ to self-catering accommodation soon mount up!

But what could you call the various styles of self-catering accommodation in Cornwall? Probably the most searched word for holidays is ‘Cornish Cottage’ – the images conjured up are those of a chocolate box building, with thick granite walls, white sash windows and roses growing in an arch over the front gate. These buildings are the stuff of dreams for most of us but unfortunately often come with a premium price tag and can be hard to find without serious compromising.

Staying in a ‘lodge’ at Wheal Rodney Holiday Park may just be the perfect middle ground: affordable enough that you can still experience our amazing local restaurants but without compromising on everything internally that you may need to operate day-to-day as a family. Our self-catering accommodation is thoughtfully equipped; somewhere to make food and eat it, to sit down and watch a film with a glass of cold wine, somewhere to get some much needed shut-eye, you can come and go as you please (parking included) and it is incredibly peaceful. Added to that, our indoor heated swimming pool sits at a toastie 32°C now, you definitely wouldn’t fit that in a traditional fisherman’s cottage!

To be honest, we really don’t mind if you call them cottages, bungalows, flats, chalets or lodges – we just hope you too will call them a ‘home-from-home’ like so many of our previous guests.

N.B. In our family whoever shouts “I see the Mount” last on trip out in the car, has to buy the ice creams – which could save a few pennies!

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